Sunday, April 28, 2013

The best solution to FREE Ball in Jockstrap

Well guys, jockstrap give us a lot of breathing room for our rare but the front part always can be stuffy and crammed.  I love to free ball.  But many of time when i play sports, i need a little bit of support.  I think this could be an ideal solution: Wonder PPU Jockstrap:

The most comfortable jockstrap ever!  Enough support to your bumps but let your man part hang free, the best of both world!

The front strap goes around your penis and balls and it hugs your man jewel nicely.  The fabric is stretchy & soft so it won't make you feel uncomfortable!


Side bands give your bums support nicely so when you work out, your ass muscles hold in shape.  It does what most jockstrap do in keeping your butt tight and shall i say "bubble"


Now this is the best property of jockstrap -- it expose your butt so it won't get sweaty during your activities in the filed or whatever you do to or play.  The band goes around and cross connected to the front band -- pretty smart design actually!  You see more of how it cross each other from the second rare shot.

We all get turn on and our boy's part start to react -- now if you wear the typical jockstrap, man getting semi hard in that thing is not comfy -- most of the time, you won't anyway as your mind is about beating the other team, lol.  So when your boy start go from 6 o'clock to well .. depend on which side you go -- each man have a different spin of their clock (or "COCK"), lol.  Mine goes from 6 o'clock to 5, the 4 ... when I start to feel happy about something i see ;)  the front strap handles the change of your clock pretty well, as shown below:


When you boy goes pass 3 o'clock -- it is almost impossible in regular jockstrap, lol.  it is like you have chastity on, I guess, although, i never yet to wear one -- I can't imagine have my boy lock up but i respect those that do, different strokes for different folks, for sure!  Anyway, when your clock goes pass 3 o'clock to almost hit high noon -- this is when the wonder jockstrap work best, lol!

Try on one!  it is my best solution yet to get my cock & balls & butt support while enjoy free balling!!!

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  1. How long is your erect member? I'm guessing 7 1/4? But the girth is even more amazing. Some fellas get all the luck.