Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Going to work in New Rufskin Turquoise Compression

Rufskin has a bunch of new compression out ready for the summer.  I picked up couple pieces so far very happy with the New turquoise compression -- make me think of British Virgin Islands -- clear sky blue water -- SO i decide to wear it to work this morning! 

Of course i free balling but there is something i also wear -- you'll see it!  ;)

I think, i will also get this compression in white and orange and a tank top -- I think i am ready for my summer vacation.

It feels real nice against bare skin underneath!
Back side!  very smooth -- feel great!

So i am not totally free balling -- as there are somewhat restraint, lol!

This is a small size ball stretcher!  I know it is not every one cup of tea but once should find the sensation of having it on!  It is like you edging yourself all day, especially at work as you can't touch it.  It kept your balls full and your penis semi hard all day. 

You can get this balls stretcher from ebay at a very good price!!!  Check out LeLuv on ebay: 


  1. Hey! Great to see you back; I bet a bunch of us have missed you as much as I have.

    Those are hot clothes - both erotic and, I fear, temperature-wise. Are you sure you want them for a summer vacation, unless you're going skiing in New Zealand??

    Hope you'll post more, and soon. Love seeing all those neat threads you find, and all the skin (keep on showing all you want!) you show, too.

  2. Hey Speedo, Great to be back. This compression is quite thin so it would be weather appropriate for my summer vacation and jet ski! I would say it is summer compression as most of the compression are of thicker like the grey one that i have wear in Snowmass, CO.

    This will be great if one don't want to get tan -- as you cover them all and it seems doesn't cover at all -- as you mention!!! ;)