Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sightseeing and Freeballing

Central Park

Center of everything: Time Square

Hudson River

Hudson River as well

Well, one have to dress up to go for a stroll

This is from my trip to NYC -- it was a clear day and a bit chilly so i have jacket on, a backpack, tennis shoes, and just simply white mesh shorts.  I started from Time Square where i stayed in a hotel close by to Central Park and then to head west to Hudson River. 

It felt real good freeballing in a big city.  It is actually no big deal for me anymore as Freeballing becomes the nature state of what i usually do when i walk about and do my daily activities and underwear is just for my fetish which i might wear them indoor, lol.

Guys it feels GREAT!!!!! You should try it.

N2N Air Jockstrap Black

Extremely thin and lightweight -- this low rise air jockstrap again barely cover but hugs my buns nicely tightly together, lol.  I figure that this would be very comfortable to wear for working out especially SQUAT but hmm, i never wear underwear going to gym anyway so i can't tell you that... lol.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Deep Blue Air Jock

The openness of this one makes you feel really good on the rare end.

Sky Blue Nudie Underwear

Monday is BLUE day!  This one is "Pulse"  It hugs the balls pretty well and the cut on the back is in between a thong and a regular brief.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

BLACK See Thru NUDE underwear

To contrast with the CLASSIC white posted yesterday, today will be the BLACK devil, lol!
The brand is "Good devil" -- as if there is such thing!  It is again quite comfy, it hugs your balls real good.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

White See Thru CLEVER Underwear

I have been freeballing for many years.  However, I have this fetish of collecting underwear.  I know some boys collect stamps, sport memorabilia, etc, I collect underwear.  I can't help myself shopping more and more of them.  I like to wear it for a minute or two and that will be pretty much it then i will search for a new one.

So i guess when i have a little bit of time each day, i will post some of my undies collections on here.

What a better way to start with CLASSIC white!!!!