Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hands-Free Exercise PART 1

Hands-free Ejaculation
(The effect of ball stretcher)

I research this definition:
"Although uncommon, some men can achieve hands-free ejaculations, which is an ejaculation without any manual stimulation. Such men usually do it by tensing and flexing their abdominal and buttocks muscles along with vigorous fantasising. Some men do it by relaxing the area around the penis, which may result in harder erections especially when hyperaroused."

The other day, I posted the balls exercise using one weight (15 oz) which made me precum a lot. This time i used 2 weight, a 15 Oz and 7.8 oz rings around my balls. I wear the 8 Oz one pretty much all day and added the 15 Oz for just this exercise purpose....

I flexed and yes, the pre cum started to flow...and to my surprised with a pinched on my nipple, my THICK precum lava started to oozing out ...

This is part one, it is a warm up BLOW... before the CLIMAX eruption!!! This part is about a min and 23 seconds....

Stay tune to see how i finished this! These ball stretcher rings made me feel so good! Good stuffs i got from LeLuv on eBay ... Get one guys, and START HAVING A BALL!!!! Hope you all enjoy, please leave feedback!

You can get one of these at a very good price:


  1. Now you've gone and done it! I'm freeballing in my jeans and leaking precum all over my belly -- and it's all your fault. (Hope that makes you smile)

    Not sure I'll get clear to ejaculation, but I can sit here and leak precum for an hour or more -- which I probably will do.

    Seeing your hot body express its sexual prowess this way is a total delight. Do it some more! Lots more, even . . . I like the view, AND the feeling it stirs in me - especially between my thighs.

  2. Mr. you got a pen! You definitely can write. Thank you for your compliment and glad that create an effect on you and other audience out there that maybe love to view only. I appreciate your comment. I am glad that i can be part of your day! And make a lot of people enjoy themselves!