Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ball Stretcher Fun

A man with their balls.

I love free balling but my balls always hug close to my penis to the point that it pushes out the penis forward .. So when i freeball, my front is far from flat.

I agree, like a good wine as you get older, gravity will do its thing and your balls will hang nicely low.  Until that day comes, i have tried using ball stretcher which i found it was quite an experience.  I started with the purpose that it will help fix the bulging problem but i found that wearing one of these are quite stimulating.

You body does not tell you lie, pretty much.  Once i try to put one on, I will have erection instantly and that ruin that fact that i try to put one of this one, lol

So i have to go take care of the boy's business with my partner so my cock & balls are relax a bit so i can finally put them on.

I have to do that couple time until i do not have erection whether i see the ball stretcher.  It is amazing, you see some object and your body responses!  After i condition myself to calm down, I will put on the stretcher, i still sometime have precum leaking out -- it is weird that i try to use it for certain purpose but i get turn on by it.  This is the lightest one i have (a 7.8 oz weight, with 0.5" thickness.  It is like a breeze, i can wear this one pretty much all day.

Then once my balls start to hang low, I will put the medium weight on which is the 15 oz weight with 1.0" thickness, so at this moment, I carried 22.8 oz with 1.50" thickness when i have both on like so:

I also have the heavy one which is by itself is 23 oz and 1.50" thick, so technically, I am wearing that one now with two of the lighter one combined.

The effect of it show a little bit more if view from the back side...

 Anyway, i love the feeling when i have one on .. It is like you have someone play with you balls all day, lol (would that be nice!).  I do not wear it as extreme as some of the guys do.  But i wear them occasionally just for the fun of it.  My partner would notice when i have one of these on during the day as i will produce a huge amount of semen.

Will post the VDO of my ball exercise a little bit later.
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  1. I found this exact ball stretcher in a shop here in Fort Lauderdale. I'm going to purchase tomorrow. How long do you wear this? I'm anxious to try it. Please post more videos. You are the best.

    1. I can wear them for 3-4 hours... I tell you... after that you will be so ready to shoot... If i just walk around with nothing else on me... my precum will keep oozzing out lol

  2. I'm wearing my ball stretcher now. I love how it feels. Very sensual. I went shopping wearing it. Fun!

    1. Yes, indeed... Now you know what i am talking about.....