Thursday, December 6, 2012

Full day FreeBalling

Another regular day Freeballing for me from working out at the gym in the morning, get dressed, and go shopping for a new car.

I usually start the day with working out in my white mesh short at the gym.  I like working out in the morning.  You feel fresh and full of energy.
Then I go swim and relax in the steam room.  A lot of time, I will wear my white Speedo but today I am in a yellow towel.  Nothing underneath, of course.
After sweating real good, it is time for a hot shower and of course who shower and not naked, lol. Anyone want to join?
I usually walk around the locker room naked.  I like to blow dry my whole body rather than using a towel to get dry.  The air blowing on my skin make me feel really good, goose bumps and all, and sometime more, lol and you know the morning wood effect can still happen when you feel this good.  Anyway, one can't be walking around naked and stay in the locker room all day.  Now it is time to get dressed, right into my linen shorts, underwear -- what?  no way!!!!  Interestingly, my linen shorts matches my towels, hmm, maybe I foreseen a big thing that comes in YELLOW as well, lol.  I wonder what Santa is going to get me this year that is yellow and HOT!
With the shorts on now then follow by white turtle neck, yes, it is getting cold outside and then a thin wool jacket.  Fully dressed but Freeballing within, lol.

I am now ready for the adventures outdoors freeballing.  I have an appointment to get a new car today so get into my 2010 Lexus and head to the dealer ship for the 2013.
Not so long after I arrive at the dealership.  Time to get off (the car, i mean....).
I am so excited about the new car, I have to stop by at the restroom to pee (hmm, something yellow, as well).  Since I am freeballing, before i zip my shorts back, i have to make sure there is no more drip so i wait to make sure it is totally dry.  So it won't show the wet spot(s) on the shorts.

Now so many cars to choose from but you may have guess what color of car i would get, lol.  Hope you guys enjoy as i enjoy my day today!
Time for a ride....So long and see you guys soon!


  1. You're right: it IS a great way to start the day. Even without being able to go for that new Lexus. Which model did you get? The yellow one in the pic?

    I shiver as I imagine you freeballing in the shorts, even with a sweater above. I'd not only shrink to almost nothing, but be shivering without covering on my legs. Nonetheless, I sure would like to have been that
    Lexus salesman (yup, I'd have been checking -- and probably seeing, since I'd know what to look for.

    Hope you got heated seats: cold leather under a single layer of thin fabric can be brutal. . .

  2. I thought since i was buying a new car so i made it as a milestone day, a day to remember, lol to do this Freeballing memo. But you are correct that everyday, your morning is the best time of the day to cherish, the sun rise, the morning wood (lol), the exercise, etc.

    Yes, the car comes with the heatable/coolable leather seats color to match my golden retrievers. It also is equipped with a bunch of other packages and gadgets but mostly for the safety which is great that car offers a lot of safety issue these days. It has a front sensor that will stop or slow the car down if the car in front of you slow down. I can't wait until the car will drive itself for us.

    Anyway, it is great to hear from you!

  3. On the shrink thing, lol, I didn't even think about that factor but man, you always so observed... I feel so exposed and damn, i like it, lol!

    But you have a point, this might not be an ideal day to get your photos taken or documented as a freeballing day as your body adjust to the cool therefore, the shrink happened, what an amazing organ indeed!

    Oh yes, the salesman he fed me a lot ... it was slightly salty but orally satisfied! (you know right that i was talking about "POP COCK" oh, I mean, POP CORN! -- Of course you know exactly what i am talking about ;)

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  5. Sorry I was the author "Unknown" who removed the comment above. I wanted to lift some of my privacy blocks and repost.

    It is great to have you posting on The Freeballers Forum. Your blog is quite awesome. I appreciate the fact you are trying freeballing and that your commentary is with taste, yet direct. Check out another forum, if you wish, for nude sleepers I am a moderator on that board.

    I do have to complement your trimming around your balls and all. The photos are a fine expression of what you are saying! By all means continue doing as you are most comfortable.

    Best wishes!

  6. Hey thanks, Freeballlntuba, for your comment and encouragement!
    I definitely will check the nude sleeper forum. I always sleep nude as well, so naturally i thought every one sleeps, in the nude, not a good logic of course, lol.

    I used to work in the creative world but right now i am doing my own thing. I have a little of time here and there and therefore i learn about the blog and forum just to have fun with it. I am glad that many people like it.

    Again, thanks for your comment and definitely will always keeps my ball free, lol.

  7. Your Full day free balling is Awesome. i am always full day free balling as you. but my just in office dress and soccer shorts not hot as yours .lol
    anyway i have one problem when free balling day. it is wet spots on pants after pee , R u have any suggestion to get rid off this problem?

  8. Not peeing! is the best policy ;) lol

    well, since all of us can't do that, alternatively is to use a lot of toilet paper to dry it... shake it real good. Even that still there will be some drop so i guess you have to act as if nothing there....

    I wear couple white linen every once in while and that is the worst kind.. lol

    I would like to see you in your soccer shorts, email me sometime -- jockzzz at yahoo dot com