Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sightseeing and Freeballing

Central Park

Center of everything: Time Square

Hudson River

Hudson River as well

Well, one have to dress up to go for a stroll

This is from my trip to NYC -- it was a clear day and a bit chilly so i have jacket on, a backpack, tennis shoes, and just simply white mesh shorts.  I started from Time Square where i stayed in a hotel close by to Central Park and then to head west to Hudson River. 

It felt real good freeballing in a big city.  It is actually no big deal for me anymore as Freeballing becomes the nature state of what i usually do when i walk about and do my daily activities and underwear is just for my fetish which i might wear them indoor, lol.

Guys it feels GREAT!!!!! You should try it.


  1. Really tastefully done. Except for the backlighting, nobody but nobody would even guess you were freeballing. Not even me. I just like the backlit shots best, love the close-up! Those are neat shorts: what brand, from where? I like mesh shorts, don't recall ever seeing any like those (but I want to -- on me). How did you do those, with a timer on your camera, or a friend? Whichever it was, I envy it or him (or her).

  2. ha, ha, ha.. when you freeballing as much as i have been, it is just another day walking around town -- there is no big deal. Except every once in awhile when you about to cross the streets which there are everywhere (like every 2 minutes, lol), with naturally day light behind me, you can see a lot of eyes and lot of smile from across the street --

    This one is champion!

  3. Darn! I must find the streets you walk . . .
    I've seen Champion mesh shorts, guess I just never examined them so closely. Some guys around here wear white basketball shorts that, with light behind them, show in a moment what's underneath; delightfully, sometimes it's nothing.

  4. I have often walked down this street before;
    But the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before.
    All at once am I Several stories high.
    Knowing I'm walking down the street commando style.

    People stop and stare. They don't bother me.
    For there's nothing else on earth that I would rather wear.
    Let the time go by, I won't care if I
    Can be here walking down the street commando style.

    lol ..

  5. Hey, Jock!
    You're a neat poet. I like your reflective writing as much as your blog comments. Do you do much of that (writing verse, that is -- I know you do a lot of walking about commando, even if it's not always in something as delightful to view as those mesh shorts)? Keep it up - and take that any way you like.

  6. To give the credit where it due -- It was partially from a song...(On the street where you live). I am no I barely can write!!!! ;)

  7. For "barely" you do a great job. I'd love to see what you call skillful writing!

    I thought I recognized the meter and construction, but couldn't nail it until you told me. I still like your version - a lot.

    I also like the fact that you like to prowl (if that's the right word) new places -- and that way. Maybe it's because I like the same thing. I just don't have any white mesh short -- yet, that is. I definitely will be checking the after-Christmas sales where they sell Champion shorts. (See what you do to me?)

  8. "Meter & construction", what a clever analogy! i do think you are not simple at all, you do have the King's English!

    And on the white mesh short, maybe Santa will get that for you this Christmas, ho!, ho!, ho! If you are naughty enough, lol.

  9. Actually, the after-Christmas sales should suffice; I probably won't have opportunity to wear them outdoors until April or May (Spring comes late along the Northern California coast).

    One advantage of the white (I usually go to reds and light-to-medium blues) is that -- I think! --although a boner would be kind of obvious, the moisture from a wet boner probably wouldn't be noticeable. On red's and blues, it sure is. You don't need to ask me how I know?

  10. My gym shorts look like yous, with no liners. Sometimes, depending on the angle of the sunlight coming through the gym windows my junk shows like in the photos, but I don't mind it being seen and no one has ever said anything.

    1. Very nice! Me too don't mind about that. I know that there are many eyes for sure but you own it and they can't take it away from you. They might try to get into it though but that depend on who has the gut to break the ice, lol.