Friday, December 21, 2012

Swimming in WHITE speedo

I swim 5 days a week.  My favorite swimsuit if i have to wear one is this White Speedo.  Bold it may be but I like it white!  And Speedo makes it white so I am sure it is not just

These next two were after the swim.

Then after the steam room. 

Hopefully the pictures quality are a bit better, i switched my Droid to iPhone.


  1. White sure looks good on you, and translucent white is just plain sexy, especially when they're wet. Actually, there's a nice tease of hint of outline when they're dry, but you get that in any light colored Speedo. Have you cut the liner out of these, by the way?

  2. The photos are quite clear. White works very well for you. Did you have to shave totally to wear those? Like Speedo4good, was there a liner? Just curious.

  3. Yes, you pretty much have to totally become a boy again to wear this, lol.. yes, i was totally shaved in the pictures...And there is no liner it is two layers white which i think Speedo might figure this out as usually as most of my white speedo there is a tan liner and then when it wet, it looks awful like uneven white...with this one it is totally white.

  4. Correction. Actually the one in the picture has no, you guys know my stuffs than myself...Lol, i just went out and check since i have quite a few white Speedo.

  5. Good for you: unlined Speedos are the best. More feeling, more freedom, and more revealing -- which I like and I like especially on you!

    Too bad you can't swim in a thong (or can you, there?) -- or naked, which is best of all. I noticed your " . .. if I have to wear one . . ." comment, and feel absolutely the same way. In fact, I'm feeling it right now.

    Keep the hot pics cumming (oops, coming)

  6. I go to the lake every weekend in the summer. Roosevelt lake is big and pretty private. So i can jet ski to the middle of nowhere and get rid of my suit and jump into the nice 80 degree water is the best feeling..... well, second best cause i just hope there is no big fish to you know... lol. I used to have a pool at my house on top of the mountain. I would go swim everyday naked and this would be the best feeling, you know there is no fish here except might have some companion to swim naked with and swim become something else in the water.... I leave it up to your imagination....

  7. You're right: swimming with a companion always is better. Also, besides swimming, there are other wonderful things to do with a companion in the water; they can make you feel really good. I'm sure you know what I mean -- because it's what you mean, too. Also, when you come out of the pool, or lake or river or ocean, it's much better to have a companion to dry you off, and so much fun to dry him off, too. Of course, during much of the year in Arizona, you can just wait a few minutes in the dry air and be dry - except if you have a companion, one part will keep getting wet, and sometimes you have to lick that.

    I never thought about Roosevelt Lake as a good nude swimming hole, but I see your point. There is this amazing shoreline that goes almost forever. I never have been on it in a boat, so I can envy your opportunities. You're giving me ideas for next summer. But I better not; if I saw you there, I probably be able to leave you alone in your private swimming cove. . .