Saturday, December 15, 2012

Getting excited in my new white COMPRESSION

I would say it feel real nice in my brand new white compression that a man can't hide his happiness, lol.  I give this one a thump and XXXX up!

Cheers, you should try it...

Before I dirty my new compression with my response to the excitement, I have to get myself out of this compression, well partially anyway ....

The tightness around my balls kept my excitement going even furthur ... amazingly, my precum just start flowing!!!!  And to confirm in the previous post, i have to completely shaved for this white compression ... I guess, you can tell, it is worth it.

I guess your body can't lie!  This one is a keeper.  I recommend this product.. lol.


  1. What great shorts! And what a happy reaction to them? It's nice to know that at least somebody else makes precum as easy as I do. Yes, they do look exciting to wear. Do you wear them at the gym? If not, who gets to see them, with you in them -- beside us? Finally, what's wrong with "dirtying" them with your excitement -- especially all of it? It wouldn't show too much, and we'd understand completely - and maybe enviously.
    Oh, nice shave job, too. Looks great - and so does the rest of you.

  2. Hey thanks! Yes, i kind let it all hang out a little bit too much this time, lol. It is not about "dirtying", but i think, I like things done tastefully. However, it is only natural. I think most men are, when we are excited, our body produce and react... So i hope the audience will view it as natural process. I still think what one will do in private should at somewhat stay in private ... That makes it special to the people that are special in your private life.... GREAT to hear back from you by the way ;)

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing. You look great, your body is perfect and your dick and precum are very tasty. Nice shaved, i like it that way very much! Keep up the good things ;)

  4. The drippage in the third from the last pic is beautiful. Hope it's OK that I grabbed it for my blog (with credit/link to you).

  5. Not a problem! ;) Glad many can enjoy!!!!!