Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gray Under Armour Compression

Winter is here once again... How can one go freeballing in the cold weather?  The answer... Compression pants.  It looks tight but amazingly comfortable!  And yes, it keeps your junk warm.

Guess what team I play for? lol Gray compression with Black Fitted Top.


Time to run, Ciao!


  1. Both the gray and white look fine. The gray suits me better; however, you seem to do very well in either. How do your balls deal with the compression fit?

  2. I am not used to have my penis and balls in tight for awhile since i have been freeballing for a long time. I found that as long as i fully shaved, it feel great! Almost feel like wearing nothing. I think the material is quite special, i do not have any issue with my balls at all. Everything seems to fall in to places. I did finished my long hike with it today. Yes, it kept me warm and comfortable.

  3. Darn! Why didn't I think of those? They look really comfortable; I assume they sort of stretch so they cover you without restricting? They also look like they'd be as exciting to put on as something else you showed. Are they? Got any shots to show that? I imagine precum leaking through those would be pretty obvious (love to see that!) -- and what would follow would be spectacular. Done that -- yet?

  4. You are correct. I had second thought about wearing them as being a freeballer, the last thing i need is something restrict my cock & balls, lol. Am I freeballing in this? I guess per expert opinions from Our network FREEBALLING forum, anything with no underwear on consider freeballing. SO i guess, i am still freeballing wearing these compressions!

    My white one is quite tight as not as flexible room-wise as the GRAY. The gray one is the latest style they have offer at Under Armour and it is a much better fit, very soft and look thin but yet kept you warm and it quite accommodate the stretch when one get happy inside. The pee spot will show still pretty well as i had to stop for that a couple times during the hike.