Saturday, November 24, 2012

White See Thru CLEVER Underwear

I have been freeballing for many years.  However, I have this fetish of collecting underwear.  I know some boys collect stamps, sport memorabilia, etc, I collect underwear.  I can't help myself shopping more and more of them.  I like to wear it for a minute or two and that will be pretty much it then i will search for a new one.

So i guess when i have a little bit of time each day, i will post some of my undies collections on here.

What a better way to start with CLASSIC white!!!!


  1. More hot underwear. They feed my mutual underwear fetish, too; I've got to find where to get these Hope you'll post more underwear shots. I'm loving them and your hot bod. Nice shave job, too; I guess it takes a shaver to appreciate another.

  2. HI Speedo4good. Thanks for all the compliments! I have so many of these underwear that i hardly ever wear so i thought i take pictures of them and post it here! This one also from Erogenos. I assume from your comment that you shave as well! How do you like it? I think it keep it nice and clean, lol. I like the feeling of it. Yes, i will be posting some more later!

  3. Thanks for the tip. I'm going to Erogenos as soon as I post this.
    Yes, I do shave - most of the time. I recently let it go a couple weeks to see how the stubble photographed; looked lousy, at least on me. Yes, I like the completely clean look and feel. Since I also sag, sometimes commando, being shaved is a nice alternative to showing pubes when sagging really low.
    I live alone so there's no problem shaving. Do you live with people and have to explain shaving gear in the shower, or have your own bathroom. Or -- lucky guy if so! -- live with people who know and appreciate (yum!) you shaving?
    Just looking at your pics, after reading what you'd written, got me excited and wet. Hope you know what you can do to a guy . .. (and maybe you're smiling happily that you did that to me?).
    Take care of yourself, and keep posting.
    By the way, along with other things about you, I envy your Arizona. I like that state, probably would live there if I ever left California. If I may ask, where in AZ are you? (I'm in coastal Northern California, redwood country, and loving it here.)

  4. Yes, i know. There are so many things to choose from, lol at Erogenos. Would like to see how low can you go when you sag ;) You can email me, lol.

    I usually shave at home so there is no problem. I start doing it at the gym sometime and couple time there were audiences which i usually would not pay attention to. Just go on your business as if you shave your face.

    I remember though when i was in college and i was still somewhat shy although i always shower naked and couple time those swimmers would come in and shower and most of them were shaved which made me feel great about it.

    But shave in public in front of everyone, i had to give to this black swimmer guy i saw one time. He would shaved everything -- i mean everything right next to me. Our school has three heads shower and there are three of these in the middle of the shower room. So he start with his legs, then chest and then he shave the pubes and best of all he lifted his legs up and shave his behind, lol. I know he was liking it as his penis was not in somewhat i called normal state!!!! Lol, i was friend with him ever since.

    Just post a new one in Blue, hope you like them as well.

  5. Hey! Shaving in public sounds great, especially with that black guy. I get the same reaction as him when I shave down there. It's got to be one of the most erotic things I do (and I do a bunch of them!).

    Just enjoyed your new postings; you'll see my comments.

    Tip me off: how can I email you, when I figure out how to handle the sagging pics And: what view do you want front, side, or back? With underwear (what kind) or commando?

    Just spent some more time at Erogenos, when I should be sleeping, and got a lot more ideas (I already have more ideas, and desires, than money . .. ). After looking at that and your pics, I have plenty to dream about tonight. So I'm going upstairs to strip, slide between the sheets and dream.

  6. You are good! Again, someone needs to hire you to write blogs or as a copy writer.
    My email is jockzzz@yahoo dot com

    I want to see them all -- ;) I think this would be fun as you like a lot of things that i also like. It is good to share common interest, i guess that is the basis of why blog was created. I am glad you enjoy what i post here. Always nice to be appreciated. I started document my body awhile back. I think it is the best way to keep you motivate to look the same or better. I like to keep myself lean.

    I am looking forward to hear more from you an email from you with your sagging pictures...

  7. Thanks for the email addy. I'll send you a note later today (tonight) just to check for accuracy.
    As long as you keep posting, you WILL keep hearing from me -- and I'll keep getting hard, and wet (you should have seen the wet spot last night) looking, reading, and writing.

    Right now, I've spent so much time on this site this morning that I'll get to work later than I wanted to (salaried, so I don't punch in, just like to get in early to get some work done before the daily interruptions start). I'm not complaining, just telling you how much I enjoy this site -- and you.

    More later -- from me, and hopefully from U2.

  8. So do you sag to work? lol. I would like to see that. Glad you enjoy reading and viewing.

  9. Whoops! No, I don't sag at work, I'm in the general offices, so I wear either khaki pants or washable slacks and a sport shirt, usually with some kind of underwear. In the morning, after my shower, I stand naked in front of my bureau, open one of two drawers full of all kinds of underwear, and select whatever appeals to me at that time: boxers, thong, boxer briefs, bikini, whatever. Nobody there gets to see through my see-through underwear; as for after work . . . somebody somewhere just might - unless I've made it home first and shed the indies and slacks for jeans and nothing. You know the feelings, all of them, of that.

  10. Yup, when you're hot, you're -- well, showing it very clearly, superbly, and happily. Except when it's contained n a jock, bikini, thong pouch, or snug something else. We have fetishes because they excite us; we share our fetishes with those of like mind because we like to talk about the good feelings, enjoy each others' thrills, and keep up our enthusiasm with mutual encouragement. And more . . .

  11. Talking about free session for psychology consulting, lol. I think the need to share is a good felling. It help releasing what we feel and then move on. I still think it should be done appropriately and by that i mean, it can go far from person to person -- you open MORE and MORE to the people that feel like what you are feeling.

  12. You understand so well -- and I think you understand me so well! Yes, it's exhilarating to share feelings, and deeper and more intense feelings, with guys who have the same ones. For me, the only release is release from keeping bottled up the things I can't share too openly and fully -- but I want to. Your couch sure is comfy!

  13. Well said! And yes, come take appointment anytime. My crotch, oops, I mean my couch is always FULLY and OPENLY welcome you.

  14. I'll take both, as soon and as often as I can. I probably need a lot of therapy, both long sessions and long sessions over a long time. Your pictures are wet dream material; your comments just plain entice and excite me -- likely more than you have any idea. I just wish there was a way I could to to/for you even a portion of what you do to me. (I think I just felt a drop of agreement leak out.)

  15. Hi, Jockzzz,
    You made me begin thinking about a freeballer having an underwear fetish, like both of us. The answer MAY be that we wear only one layer of clothing below our shirt(s) and jackets. What we wear is what people see. Some underwear is just plain erotic to wear and to see. That's where the exhibitionist, at least in me, comes out: I'll show it off just like a pair of jeans - the only thing I'm wearing. (I just have to be prudent about where I show it off . . .) What do you think?
    Anyway, I like my underwear fetish, and my fetish for brief swimwear (much briefer than your Speedos), and I'm going to keep pursuing them -- while I'm swinging (and growing) freely.

  16. Your reasoning is good! Yes, i think of underwear as a layer of what i wear -- people give it a name "Underwear" -- but if only underwear i wear and I walk into a club, am i freeballing? I think on the freeballing forum, we define that anything without "Underwear". On the same token, if one wear a jeans only, even though your penis and balls do not swing freely in there but that consider freeballing -- wearing underwear only in public or for erotic reason should be consider freeballing!!! lol.