Monday, November 26, 2012

Deep Blue Air Jock

The openness of this one makes you feel really good on the rare end.


  1. Hey! That one looks really hot!! Is it another from Erogenos? Interesting that the pouch holds you well when you're soft but can expand enough to handle you fully hard. (If I had one of those, I'd have jacked off in it by now. Just wearing it might have made me wet -- wonder if moisture coming through the pouch shows?)
    You really know how to pose these shots, especially -- and I'll keep saying it -- with such a hot body.
    Keep them coming -- right now, I'm going on to the one below . . .

  2. Yes, it is also from Erogenos. You are quite an observed person, lol, yes, it is interesting indeed about the stretch of the fabric, hmm, i have to look whether it shrink back to normal after it stretched to support the semihard, lol. You could notice the tiny white spot on the head (especially on the last two), i think that was the sign that i like this undie....

  3. Thanks for the tip; I hadn't noticed the spot. Says worlds about you - and the indie. I appreciate that you do show it. It just adds more savor to an already nice body with this additional expression of your virility. Do I want to see more, and more?? (Hah! Just guess . . . and keep 'em coming!)